Trip Yosemite spring 2007

Another trip to Yosemite, with the wish to free climb as much as possible...<br />Nico made the first French free ascent of Freerider and despite some problems with the rangers, we had a good time in and around the park!

  • Period: : all May month 2007
  • Team: Philippe Coudray, Nicolas Potard, Paul Dudas, Julien Herry
  • Principaux itinéraires réalisés :
    • The Nose on El Capitan (5.13/A1 _ 3000 ft)
    • Freerider on El Capitan free climbed by Nico and Paulo ( 5.12c _ 3000 ft)
    • Lurking Fear on El Capitan (5.13/A1 _ 2100 ft)
    • Steck-Salathé route on Sentinel Rock (exposed 5.10 chimneys _ 1800 ft)


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