2006 : trip to Nepal (tries on different summits but without success)

We started the approach trek on October 22nd and walked in a nice jungle for five days to ridge Na (a small village at 4200m). After acclimating a few days around Na, we had a try on Tsoboje (6800m) West ridge. A long approach lead us to nice and easy rock climbing but unfortunately the haulbag fell on 80m from a snow ledge and we lost some gear but mostly a sleeping bag. So after a bad cold night we came back to base camp with the lost sleeping bag.

Three days later we were back at the highest point, on a big snowy flat, for a comfortable bivouac. We started early the next morning and gained 800m of mixed delicate ground before dust. A flat snowy ledge was waiting for us, at 6300m, while the snow was starting to fall. Bad night with three people in the small tent and 20 cm of fresh snow in the morning. We had a try in the slopes above but snow wasn’t stable either weather was. So we were back in base camp in the evening...

We moved down base camp in Beding to have a look to Gauri Shankar impressive ridge! But after two days climbing on loose rock and wired snow, we realized were to slow and mainly to ambitious... So we went for another abseiling time on this tricky ground!

It was time to go back home, disappointed to not climb any mountain but finally happy to come back alive and be able to go again...

  • Period: from mid October to end of November
  • Team: Sébastien Corret, Xavier Vimal, Louis Laurent, Maxime Belleville, Julien Herry
  • Itinerary: attempts on Tsoboje until 6300m and on Gauri Shankar until 6000m


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